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Try IV Sedation at Your Abbotsford, BC Dentist

Ask Medora Dental Care About IV Sedation for Your Procedure

If you deal with tremendous anxiety every time you visit the dentist, you’re certainly not alone! Dentistry has a bad reputation for being painful and tedious. At Medora Dental Care in Abbotsford, BC, we strive to maintain a relaxing atmosphere for all our patients. However, we understand the atmosphere isn’t always enough for our patients with true anxiety disorders. If you find yourself sweating and shaking at the thought of a dental visit, consider intravenous (IV) sedation for your next appointment. Medora Dental Care is happy to answer all your questions concerning the administration and effects of IV sedation. Learn more about IV sedation and how it can help you get through a dental checkup or procedure.

Q: What Is IV Sedation? Will I Fall Asleep?

When a patient struggles to relax during a dental procedure like a root canal or tooth extraction, they may request IV sedation. Your Abbotsford, BC dentist will inject a sedative into your veins, which will then relax your muscles and put you in a sleep-like state. IV sedation doesn’t truly cause a patient to fall asleep, but it does result in a semi-awake state. This way, patients aren’t fearful of the procedure and have little memory of it once completed.

Q: When Do You Use IV Sedation at Medora Dental Care?

The team at Medora Dental Care recommends IV sedation to patients for several different reasons. Most often, we use IV sedation with our Abbotsford patients who have a phobia of the dentist. Typically, these patients need more than simple laughing gas to calm down. In some cases, all patients will be subject to IV sedation. This may be the case if patients are scheduled for longer operation with lots of complexity. Procedures such as dental implants, tooth extraction, and mouth reconstruction will likely use IV sedation to ensure the comfort of the patient.

Q: How Do I Prepare to Undergo IV Sedation?

If you plan on receiving IV sedation, you’ll need to take a few steps in preparation for your visit to our dental clinic in Abbotsford, BC. Be sure to not eat or drink for eight hours leading up to your appointment with Medora Dental Care. If you need to take additional precautions before your procedure, your dentist will give you more thorough instructions.

Q: How Can I Benefit from Requesting IV Sedation?

Our patients at Medora Dental Care find several benefits from requesting IV sedation during their dental procedure, no matter the complexity. During the procedure, they have little to no sense of smell or sound, and as a result, experience very little anxiety amid the treatment. After completing the procedure, most of our patients discover they remember almost nothing about the procedure itself. IV sedation is especially beneficial for those undergoing prolonged operations, as patients have no sense of time when sedated. We hope to offer IV sedation also improves our patients’ perception of family dentistry as a whole and shows them it’s possible to have an anxiety-free experience at the dentist.

Q: Is IV Sedation the Same as General Anesthesia?

At Medora Dental Care, we often notice some confusion about the difference between IV sedation and general anesthesia. However, the two relaxation methods are quite different. General anesthesia puts patients in a deep sleep, while patients undergoing IV sedation are awake for the duration of the procedure. IV sedation puts patients in a semi-awake state, but they remain conscious. Further, general anesthesia requires breathing support and heart rate monitoring, whereas IV sedation is safe with only supervision from your Abbotsford dentist.

Q: Is IV Sedation Safe for Me?

IV sedation is safe for almost all our patients in Abbotsford, BC. We ask patients to share their medical history with the team at Medora Dental Care so we can tell if IV sedation will cause complications based on prior health conditions. Elderly people are the most likely to experience negative effects, but we can often avoid these with smaller doses. All patients choosing to undergo IV sedation are monitored closely for the duration of the treatment.

Q: Can I Drive Home After the Procedure?

Unfortunately, after IV sedation you will not be able to drive yourself home. Whether you’ve had a tooth extraction or porcelain crown placed, using IV sedation means you’ll come away from the procedure groggy. We want to promote the safety of all our patients in Abbotsford, BC, so we ask for you to make plans for a family member or friend to pick you up when finished. While you’ll be unable to drive, you will remain alert. If you have any further questions about IV sedation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Medora Dental Care.

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