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Learn More About Pill Sedation Dentistry in Abbotsford, BC

Medora Dental Care Answers Your Questions on Pill Sedation

Perhaps you have an upcoming tooth extraction, and you’ve always harbored a fear of the dental office. You’re certainly not alone—people of all ages feel anxiety when faced with their next dental appointment. Luckily, there are several solutions to make you feel more relaxed in the dentist’s chair, one of them being pill sedation. Medora Dental Care is happy to offer this alternative to traditional laughing gas for patients with a phobia of dental treatment or a little extra anxiety about the procedure. You never need to feel ashamed of your nervousness when you visit our clinic. Simply talk to our team about pill sedation, and we’ll help you explore your options. Learn more about this method of relaxation for dental procedures.

Q: What is Pill Sedation?

Pill sedation is a method of relaxing dental patients using medication. Typically, dental offices use a sedative pill called Triazolam. This medication used at Medora Dental Care is fast-acting and works for around two hours after ingestion. Patients only need to place the pill under their tongue and let it dissolve. Soon, patients become relaxed enough to undergo their root canal or another dental procedure. Pill sedation is popular for its high effectiveness and ease of use for patients.

Q: Will I Be Asleep During the Dental Procedure?

Pill sedation doesn’t truly put you to sleep like general anesthesia. While some dentists in Abbotsford consult with anesthesiologists for some procedures, pill sedation doesn’t require someone with their expertise. Although you won’t be unconscious for the duration of the dental procedure, you won’t be aware of the procedure either.

Q: Why Do Patients Choose Pill Sedation?

There are countless reasons to take advantage of pill sedation in the dentist’s office. At Medora Dental Care, many of our patients choose pill sedation because of a fear of needles associated with IV sedation. Others have had traumatic experiences with the dentist before and fear another negative scenario. Yet other Abbotsford patients use pill sedation because of sensitive teeth, a strong dislike of the sounds and smells in a dentist’s office, and gag reflexes. Let your dentist know if you have any questions about whether sedation dentistry is right for you.

Q: Does Pill Sedation Work If I Have a Strong Gag Reflex?

Definitely! Medora Dental Care often recommends pill sedation for patients who are concerned about their gag reflex hampering our ability to perform a tooth extraction or another procedure. Most patients find their gag reflex is virtually eliminated under pill sedation and generally have a more positive experience at the dentist.

Q: How Will I Need to Prepare for Pill Sedation?

Before your appointment, our Abbotsford patients need to make sure to avoid a few things to best prepare for pill sedation. Refrain from eating or drinking beginning at 7 PM the night before your visit to Medora Dental Care. We also ask you to stay away from caffeine and smoking for at least 12 hours before your appointment and avoid alcohol for 24 hours prior. Be sure to ask a family member or friend to drive you home from your dental appointment. This form of sedation will leave you groggy and unable to drive. Your safety is paramount to us at Medora Dental Care and following these simple instructions will help us to ensure a safe procedure.

Q: Will I Feel Normal After the Dental Procedure?

Many patients we see in Abbotsford, BC are concerned about how they will feel after pill sedation. We understand you’re busy and don’t have time to be out of commission all day. Good news—patients who have undergone pill sedation typically feel back to normal after the procedure. You’ll likely have no memory of the procedure, but other than that, patients usually feel perfectly fine. However, we still discourage patients from driving themselves home.

Q: Are There Any Side Effects of Pill Sedation?

As with most medical procedures, patients may experience side effects. Some of our patients report getting hiccups after the procedure. However, these typically only last a few minutes. Other patients who have received treatment at Medora Dental Care experience a case of dry mouth during or after the procedure. Because they can happen while you’re still sedated, many patients don’t have any memory of the side effects either.

Q: Is Pill Sedation Safe?

Pill sedation is very safe for almost all of our patients. At Medora Dental Care, we’ll ask for a thorough medical history before subjecting you to pill sedation. Sometimes certain medical conditions make patients a poor candidate for sedation. If this is the case, we’ll work with you to come up with another solution. Please be upfront with our staff as we ensure you’ll be completely safe during the procedure. Ready to schedule your appointment? Contact our Abbotsford, BC dental office today.

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