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Dealing with Cavities in Abbotsford: We Can Fill You in on Your Treatment Options

No one likes to hear that they have cavities; alas, the appearance of black or brown spots on your teeth will require a dentist’s opinion in order to determine the best course of treatment. Whether you’re dealing with a sore tooth or you have an older filling that is coming loose, Medora Dental Care in Abbotsford treats all cavities with proactive service and attention.

Woman at a dentist appointment

We Offer Direct and Indirect Fillings

Direct fillings (silver amalgam or white ceramic plastic) are an effective way of preventing further damage and can usually be performed in a short amount of time. Indirect fillings may prove to be a better solution depending on the individual; however, they will require at least 2 appointments and involve the use of crowns or inlays.

Keep Your Teeth Healthy with Regular Checkups

Dr. Soufi and his staff can advise you on the most cost-effective solution based on your individual needs. Whatever you choose, the decision is ultimately yours.

Regular appointments go a long way towards cavity prevention. If you’re any experiencing any tooth or gum discomfort, or it has been a while since your last exam, you owe it to yourself to book an appointment with our team.

We’ll Help You Get the Beautiful Smile You’ve Always Wanted