Get Straight Teeth with Six Month Smiles® and Invisalign® in Abbotsford

You’ve probably heard others talk about Invisalign® in Abbotsford. If you haven’t, Invisalign® is essentially a nearly invisible series of custom teeth aligners that are designed to progressively straighten your teeth. The end result: a beautiful smile you’ll want to share with everyone you meet.

Before we get into everything our patients love about Invisalign®, we’d like to ask you a few short questions to see if you may be an ideal candidate for treatment using the Invisalign® system. Do you have several crooked teeth? Do you have gaps between several teeth? Have you always dreamed of having a perfect smile, but the idea of braces becomes more and more unattractive as you move through adulthood? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the previous questions, you’ll definitely want to read through the next section.

Why Patients Love Invisalign® in Abbotsford

And we mean love Invisalign®! Medora Dental Care has offered Invisalign® to Abbotsford patients for several years now and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming positive. So what are Invisalign® wearers raving about? Here are just some of the things Invisalign® wearers love about these nearly invisible aligner trays:

  • Nearly invisible — We sort of gave this point away earlier, but Invisalign® trays are — you guessed it — nearly invisible. In fact, most people won’t even be able to tell you have an aligner tray inserted.
  • No brackets or wires — While some advanced cases of drifting and misaligned teeth may require the use of “nubs” that are adhered to the teeth, there are no unattractive brackets or wires used with the Invisalign® system.
  • Removable — One great thing about Invisalign® aligners is that you can remove them at any time to eat or drink — something not possible with traditional braces.
  • Super-comfortable to wear — Since they are mold-injected from a mold taken directly from your teeth and gums, your Invisalign® trays should be super-comfortable and non-irritating as they rest along the gums.
  • BPA-free design — Invisalign® trays are BPA-free and made from long-chain polymers, ensuring they are safe for continuous wear.

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If you are interested in using the Invisalign® system to straighten your teeth and create a more attractive smile, contact Medora Dental Care today!

Six Month Smiles®

Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic treatment that provides seamless clear braces.

The orthodontic community often regards braces as the most commonly used and most effective method of teeth straightening treatment available today. Traditional metal braces can be unsightly and Six Month Smiles® offer adults a cosmetic solution that fits your lifestyle.

Why Should I Get Six Month Smiles®?

  • Short-term treatment averaging of only six months
  • Lucid-Lok® clear brackets are and tooth-coloured wires blends in with the teeth, making them barely visible
  • Patient Tray Kits™ ensure that your appointments are quick and relatively comfortable
  • The use of braces has a long and reliable history
  • Typically less expensive than traditional braces, aligners or veneers
  • Low forces and short-term orthodontic treatment increase safety, comfort and hygiene

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